Volunteer Opportunities

The Immigrant Welcome Center has a diverse number of ways for you to get involved with our work. Below is a summary of each of our current volunteer opportunities.

  • Development Volunteer: Provides input and assistance on the Immigrant Welcome Center’s fundraising initiatives. If you are interested in this volunteering opportunity, please email help@immigrantwelcomecenter.org or call (317) 808-2326.
  • Naturalization Clinic Volunteer: 
    • Interpreter: Provides translation assistance for clients during attorney meetings. Must be fluent in a language other than English. Spanish, French, and Arabic interpreters are in high demand. 
    • Intake Assistant: Provides clients with intake assistance during their arrival to the Naturalization Clinic.
    • Waiting Room Assistant: Provides assistance with managing the clinic waiting area and answers general client questions.
    • Greeter: Helps direct clients through the clinic and assists with other tasks as needed.

 If you are interested in this volunteering opportunity, please email our Naturalization and Marketing Coordinator at Jrodriguez@immigrantwelcomecenter.org or call (317) 808-2326 ext. 103 

  • Natural Helper Volunteer: Natural Helpers are “helpers” who community members “naturally” turn to for help. These individuals are highly respected for their knowledge of available resources and services and can assist when a bilingual person is needed to help interact with the broader community. If you are interested in this volunteering opportunity, please email our Director of Client Services at ashackelford@immigrantwelcomecenter.org or call (317) 808-2326 ext. 104 

Those who apply for our Natural Helpers program should be individuals who already assist their fellow neighbors who also have connections with immigrant communities. We can help these individuals learn to better serve the members of their community and develop their leadership skills.

Natural Helper Requirements:

To become a Natural Helper, you must have regular access to a computer and e-mail address. Successful applicants for the Natural Helper program will:

  • Hold a legal status in the U.S.
  • Demonstrate bilingual skills and be able to read and write in their native language and in English.
  • Have a history of serving members of an immigrant or refugee community in Indianapolis that struggles to meet its basic needs and be a person community members turn to for help.
  • Be knowledgeable about various community activities and members.
  • Be able to provide references.
Natural Helpers must:
  • Attend a mandatory 36-hour training program. Classes are held in the evenings or on weekends.
  • Attend ongoing monthly training. Sessions take place on weeknights/weekends.
  • File confidential reports online about their work with clients.
  • Volunteer to serve in the community and at Immigrant Welcome Center events.
  • Be passionate about working with people and have a strong desire to grow their leadership and facilitation skills.