Natural Helper Program

Our lead volunteers are called Natural Helpers, and they help immigrants and refugees transitioning to life in Indianapolis. Natural Helpers are immigrants themselves who understand the challenges of moving to a new place, learning a new language, finding employment, and establishing a home in the United States.

Our traditional Natural Helper volunteers can choose from the three following “tracks” based on their skills and availability:

1. At-large Natural Helper

Lead volunteers who are in the community helping immigrants and refugees connect with the organizations and services that they need. At-Large Natural Helpers can connect people with resources related to employment, transportation, food, clothing, health care, legal services, language classes, housing, and more.

2. Help Desk Natural Helper

IWC Help Desk Staffers take ownership over maintaining a help desk location for one year. This includes being present at the location a minimum of one day each month for three hours. The main role of this Natural Helper is to assist clients at the IWC Help Desk by completing intakes for new clients and follow-ups and to make referrals to the services and resources that clients need.

3. Ambassador

Ambassadors for the Immigrant Welcome Center are Natural Helpers who go through rigorous training to develop their skills and selves as speakers, advocates, and facilitators. Once Ambassadors complete the 6 sessions of training, they will then have the opportunity to respond to speaker and workshop requests. Representing the Immigrant Welcome Center, Ambassadors will be compensated for their time and provided with continuous personal and professional development.

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