Neighborhood Branches

servicebanner3 At our neighborhood branches, our Natural Helpers help new immigrants get off to a good start in Indianapolis. Our Natural Helpers are immigrants who have already experienced the challenge of moving to a new place, learning a new language, finding a job and establishing a home in the United States. Neighborhood Branch locations, days and hours: 


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If you would like information on our branches' locations and times please call (317) 808-2326

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How we help:  We work with community partners near our branches to connect immigrants and refugees with the services they need close to their home and work. We have partnered with social service agencies, health care centers, schools, faith communities, job training centers, and other organizations that can provide direct help. Clients can get help in English, Spanish, French, Arabic, Burmese and Kiswahili.  If you speak a different language, we have other Natural Helpers who can assist you. Our Natural Helpers speak 40 different languages.