IWC Launches “Naturalize Now” Campaign

In 2018 IWC became apart of a national network of organizations striving to promote citizenship and naturalization to Lawful Permanent Residents (LPRs) thanks to the National Partnership for New Americans. This partnership has allowed Indianapolis to be a part of an initiative known as "Cites for Citizenship."

Since then, we've rolled out a variety of new programs to help LPRs successfully complete their journeys to becoming U.S. citizens. In 2019 we launched low-cost immigration legal services with the help of a Department of Justice accredited legal representative and even hosted four free citizenship workshops. These free workshops have saved our clients approximately $243,750 in legal and attorney fees. Now in 2020, we're piloting a series of citizenship classes that aim to prepare LPRs for the civics exam portion of their naturalization interview.

Although our city-wide "Naturalize Now" campaign is aimed at encouraging Indianapolis based LPRs to naturalize, it also serves as a way for the IWC to promote diversity and inclusion across the city. There are numerous publications and studies proving that naturalization not only improves the lives of immigrants, but that it also has a positive economic and social impact on our local communities.

While 2020 will prove to be a pivotal year regarding immigration policy in the United States, the Immigrant Welcome Center is committed to guiding, uplifting, and empowering immigrants and refugees so that they are able to pursue their own American dreams. Whether that be through our own programs and services, or through partnerships with other community based organizations, our mission to make Indianapolis a welcoming place for all never ends.

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