Indiana Weather a Change for Some Refugees

After watching a group of Ethiopian teenagers walk through the snow wearing abeysandals and no winter coats, Abey, a Natural Helper from the Immigrant Welcome Center, was compelled to help. She recruited friends and together they bought inexpensive coats and blankets to give to the children so their walk to school could be warmer.
“They came from a different climate and weren’t prepared,” said Abey, who is Ethiopian-born and has been in Indianapolis since 1982 (pictured second from the left).
But first, they had to track the kids down. Abey’s friend from Sudan helped her locate the students and translated English to Sudanese so the children could understand.
“People from this region are too proud to accept handouts,” said Abey. “They won’t go to a food line, but will accept help when it is offered, and are always very gracious.”
If smiles are any indication, the students appreciated Abey’s help and the clothes to get them through the cold Indiana winters.

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