Welcoming Indianapolis


Welcoming Indianapolis is a project of the Immigrant Welcome Center and an affiliate of Welcoming America. Welcoming Indianapolis is creating a welcoming atmosphere in Indianapolis communities by helping immigrants and Indianapolis residents find common ground.

Welcoming Indianapolis works with immigrants and Indianapolis residents to ensure that:

  • Immigrants are viewed by their fellow community members as vital members of the community with whom they live, work, and play.
  • Greater Indianapolis is enriched by the economic, social and cultural contributions of immigrants
  • New and established residents engage with their community and create greater cultural understanding
  • Community leaders, elected officials, social and public service professionals are educated about issues important to the immigrant community

We believe our communities and our city benefit when everyone feels welcomed, connected, and valued.

The annual Welcoming Week brings together immigrants and U.S.-born community members in a spirit of unity through service projects and other events across the country.

Welcoming Indianapolis is also part of WE Global Network. a network “comprised of over a dozen regional economic development initiatives from across the Midwest working to tap into the economic development opportunities created by immigrants.” –WE Global Network website

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