COVID-19 Legal Resources

OrganizationContactAddressZip RestrictionsLanguagesDocumentation?HoursInfoServices
American Bar Associationwebsitenoneno9:00am-5:00pmCreate an account and ask your legal questions; NOT legal representationfree legal assistance
Boundless ImmigrationwebsitenoneSSNGreen Card application (Marriage based - cost $935 which can be paid over 12 months._x000D_
Citizenship (cost $395 - can also be paid over 12 months)_x000D_
* Fee excludes the application fees
legal assistance, immigration assistance
Catholic Charities 317 592 4008 work authorizationspecialize in DACA renewals, green card applications, and citizenship applications; $40 consultation fee; request appointment online cost legal assistance, immigration assistance
CitizenshipWorkswebsitenoneSpanish, Simplified ChineseSSNOnline application for citizenshipcitizenship application, immigration assistance
City of Indianapolis-Mayor's Action Line317 327 2228IndianapolisSpanishEviction Help Hotline; NOT legal representationfree legal assistance
El Amigo Centro de Recursos 317 420 8899 (also on whatsapp) info@servicioselamigo.com_x000D_
Spanish9:00am-5:00pmspecialize in immigration applications, notary public, taxes, documentation translation, ITIN, small businesses, and more; request appointment online cost legal assistance, immigration assistance
Epstein Cohen Seif & PorterAbigail Seif
317-639-1326 EXT 118
50 S. Meridian St, Suite 505, Indianapolis, IN 46204IndianaNoOn appointmentAsylumFee-based immigration service
Flores Law Group317 900 2556 Enrique@thefloreslawgroup.comSpanishnocurrently specializing in Worker's Compensation Law: if you have caught Covid-19 infection from work, regardless of immigration statuslow cost legal assistance
Indianapolis Legal Aid Society 317 635 9538Indianapolis and surrounding countiesSpanishonly doing appointments over phone; specialize in adoption/guardianship services, child/family services, and protection of the elderly and disabledfree legal assistance
Indiana Legal Services 1-844-243-8570noneSpanish, language linenoM-F 10:00-2:00pmonly doing appointments over phone; specialize in legal problems that harm the ability to have basics like food, shelter, income, medical care or personal safety, family law where there is domestic violence, housing, consumer law, access to health care, and access to government benefits; will NOT take criminal casesfree legal assistance
Neighborhood Christian Legal Clinic 877-236-0730SpanishIf you have never attended an initial consultation with NCLC and are seeking legal advice or representation, please call and select the extension that corresponds to your type of case. Please leave a message with your name, phone number, and a brief summary of your case, and an attorney will contact you within 72 hours for an initial consultation, subject to volume and availability; specialize in homelessness, immigration, consumer issues, foreclosure, bankrupcy, survivors of violent crime, people with criminal backgrounds, and wills and estate planning, among more: legal assistance
Mariposa Legal 317 426 0617IndianaSpanishnoM-F 1:00pm-5:00pmspecialize in immigrants detained in ICE custody; free consulatation over phone; attorney representation for bond hearings and immigration court hearings is available on sliding scale fees based on income, and payment plans are availabllow cost legal assistance, immigration assistance