City to City

Immigrant Welcome Center Executive Director, Terri Morris Downs, traveled to St. Louis, Missouri, as part of a city-to-city visit sponsored by Welcoming America and the Welcoming Economies Global Network.  During the two-day trip last month, representatives of Buffalo, Des Moines, Detroit, and Indianapolis met with several local economic development and immigrant- and refugee-serving organizations to learn about St. Louis’s successful programs and innovative approaches to support economic growth, workforce development, entrepreneurship, and highly-skilled immigrant integration efforts.  Also representing Indianapolis was Sarah MacInnis of Business Ownership Initiative.
Touring Casa de Salud (House of Health), a low-cost health clinic in St. Louis. I shared this signage idea with the Executive Director of Indianapolis’s “International Marketplace,” a thriving neighborhood of immigrant- and refugee-owned restaurants and businesses.  She would like to replicate it in Indy!
Coffees from around the world with international grocery store owner,
from Vietnam.
The beautiful and intricate details of a Turkish restaurant owned by an Iraqi refugee
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