Indian wedding extravaganza blends cultures, old and new

Indy Star, September 14 Priya Patel was married in red. But when the reception to celebrate her wedding began that evening, she appeared in a stunning white gown that cascaded to the floor. The two dresses symbolized two equally important traditions. In deference to her Hindu heritage, she wore a red with white sari for […]

Immigration Reform Seeks Big Audience at Indianapolis 500

“The Indianapolis 500 field features racers from many countries, the race is watched by millions of people worldwide — and this year, it also will be a forum for Americans urging thoughtful immigration policy reform.” Diana Penner (IndyStar, May 22) Read the article here.

How Diversity Makes Us Smarter

“Thinking about difference works our brains by questioning our worldviews, beliefs and institutions.” Gregory Rodriguez (Time, July 11) Read the article here.