About the Program

The Immigrant Welcome Center provides a personal connection to an immigrant's past and a bridge to his/her future.

Who are Natural Helpers?

As the name implies, Natural Helpers are caring people who community members "naturally" turn to for help. Because they live and work in the communities they serve, Natural Helpers are culturally sensitive and more likely to reach isolated families who may be facing challenges in meeting their basic needs.

If you need assistance, please contact us and we can help connect you with a Natural Helper from your country of origin.


How can I get help?  How do I contact a Natural Helper?

If you need help, please call 317-808-2326 and we can connect you with a Natural Helper, ideally from your country of origin.

Natural Helpers answer your questions, offer emotional encouragement, or can connect you with resources in Indianapolis for:

  • Health care
  • Legal services
  • Social services
  • Government agencies
  • Public transportation
  • Public education
  • Public safety resources
  • Housing resources
  • Domestic violence advocates
  • Financial aid
  • Employment and training services
  • And more

Can I just walk in to get help at the Immigrant Welcome Center?

The Immigrant Welcome Center is not a walk-in community center.  We urge you to call first to schedule an appointment to meet with us.  We can then connect you with the help you need through a Natural Helper or through a community partner.